South Dakota’s Partners in Education Tax Credit Program offers scholarships to qualifying students to attend participating private schools in South Dakota. Great Plains Education Foundation collects the contributions and distributes the scholarships as the program’s SGO.

To be considered for a scholarship, the student must meet the following requirements:


  • The eligible student is a member of a household whose total annual income, the year before the student enters the program, was not more than one hundred fifty percent (150%) of the qualifying income for the federal free and reduced-price lunch program.

(See chart below)

  • The student lives in South Dakota while receiving the scholarship.
  • To receive a scholarship, the student must fit one of the following:
      • Have attended any grade at a K-12 public school the preceding semester
      • Is entering a K-12 school in South Dakota for the first time
      • Is entering kindergarten (K) or first grade (1st) or ninth grade (9th)

Free and Reduced Rates for 2018-2019 School Year

*Family income cannot be more than what is listed below.

Household Size Free Reduced 150%
2 $21,112 $30,044 $ 45,066
3 $26,546 $37,777 $ 56,665
4 $31,980 $45,510 $ 68,265
5 $37,414 $53,243 $ 79,865
6 $42,848 $60,976 $ 91,464
7 $48,282 $68,709 $103,064
8 $53,716 $76,442 $114,663

For More information go to Free & Reduced-Price Lunch Program 

Income Rates Effective from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018



To apply for scholarships, families must submit an online application.

Completing the application does not guarantee that a scholarship will be provided.

New Applications

Already Submitted Your TADS Application?

Please fill out all the questions in the TADS Aid Application.
If you are unsure of what is being asked, you can call, email or chat:

If you have a TADS account and have already submitted a financial aid application for the 16/17 school year, please sign in to your account and locate the green button labeled Add School. Please follow directions presented to complete the application.
Families must provide 2015 federal income tax documents to substantiate financial need as well as W2 statements and paycheck stubs.

Only one application per family is required. By listing all eligible students on the family application each child will be considered for a scholarship.

Families and schools will be notified by SD Partners in Education. Each child receiving a scholarship will receive an Awards Letter from SDPE.

Please take the Awards Letter to the private school of your choice to finalize enrollment.


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